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ET Mapping Tutorial

Lesson 9


Creating the mission text to be shown as the map loads
Making the .arena file
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Making the .arena file [Top]
Every map comes with a .arena file, which is a text file found in the scripts folder.

The main purpose of the contents of the file is to supply the text to display as the map loads.

Here is a .arena file for the tutorial - click here - unzip it and put the .arena file into your scripts folder.

Associate the arena suffix with Wordpad.  Rename it to <yourmap>.arena if you are not using the name "tutorial".

Below is a brief explanation of its contents.
map "tutorial"

longname "^2The ^7Tutorial"

type "wolfmp wolfsw"

timelimit 30

axisRespawnTime 10

alliedRespawnTime 10

lmsbriefing "Fight to the death."

briefing "Version 1.0.0**A scratch force of Allied students desperately struggle with the Axis mapping documents.**They must overcome the defences and emerge victorious.**^7www.tibetclan.com"

axiswintext "Not used"

alliedwintext "Not used"

mapposition_x 570

mapposition_y 660


map : the map name, "tutorial" in this instance.

longname : the text displayed as the map name.  In this example I've stuck the word "The" at the start and applied some colours in the usual way.

type : wolf multiplayer and stopwatch values.

timelimit, axisRespawnTime and alliedRespawnTime are redundant; enter values that roughly match the real values in the script, but it doesn't matter.

lmsbriefing : For Last Man Standing.  No-one plays it.  Forget it.

briefing : The text that appears on the right panel while the map loads, unless overridden by campaign or server text.  "**" means new paragraph.  "*" means new line.  Colours can be applied in the usual way.

axiswintext "Not used"

alliedwintext "Not used"

mapposition_x and mapposition_y : tell ET where to put the drawing pin on the loading map.  When making your map, keep adjusting these values by 10s and 20s until the pin gets to where you want.  So each time you are about to test, tweak these numbers until you get it right.


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