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Lesson 26


Bespoke graphics
Bespoke graphics
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Bespoke graphics [Top]
If you want to include your own textures, you simply create them using an image editor like Paint Shop Pro, and store them in the etmain/textures/<yourmapname> folder.  They will need to have widths and heights of 64, 128, 256 or 512 pixels.  If your image isn't precisely any of those sizes, maybe it's an irregular shape like a person outline, then make the dimensions of the image just large enough to accommodate your irregular picture, still keeping to one of those 4 pixel sizes, and just use black for the unwanted image area.

You can always crop a brush to remove the unwanted black surround.

All textures have a shader, even the ones you haven't created a shader for.  This is because ET uses a default shader for any texture lacking a user-defined shader.  A shader tells ET what special properties apply to the faces with this texture on it.  The default shader would have things like: use the default footsteps sound, the textured face blocks players and bullets and missiles, the faces should show bullet holes and scorch marks etc.

If you wanted areas of transparency you must create a shader for your texture, else the transparent area will just show as black or whatever colour you used to represent transparent.

We'll cover shaders later on.

Be aware that if you made a cubic brush and applied your texture to all of them, 3 would show your image as is, and 3 would show a mirror image of it.  If you had writing on your texture you'd need to make a copy of it, apply your own mirror image, and use that one for the 3 "wrong" faces.

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