HOrseless carriage Player Simulator

HOPS allows owners of the board game with only two players to play a three-player game

Game graphics used by kind permission of Splotter

Version 1.0 20230702

Choose Player Colours

Choose player colours and their order on the historical focus track. Identify which player is HOPS.

HOPS skill level

Place Research Tracks

Click first on the track placed at the bottom of the market, then the track at its side, then in top down order for the remaining three.

Place Initial Buyers

Place the initial buyers onto the board: either click Autofill or click on a niche, adjust its contents, click on another niche and so on.

Phase 1 - Research

Select where you are advancing your (or someone else's) markers and click Continue - numbers shown are [min spec / your marker]. For HOPS, just click Continue.

Phase 2 - Set Focus

Each player must click on the desired focus track number or pass.

Phase 2 - New Focus Order


Make Gantt Track Correction

Use this panel to manually correct Gantt points (e.g. in the event you forgot to record taking a planning office)

Phase 3 - Build Factory

Adjust the number of tiles in each stack to reflect what each human player took (and update your physical stacks with what HOPS took), then click Confirm followed by Continue.

Phase 4 - Print Sales Brochures

These are the specs for the HOPS dealerships.

Small dealership
Medium dealership
Large dealership
Reminder: increase your Gantt chart markers by the number of planning offices in your factory
(each player should have added an expansion tile to their factory at the end of the previous phase).

Phase 5 - Sell

Take turns to sell to buyers.

Phase 6 - Game Over

The game is over. Well done to the winner!

Phase 8 - Grow Demand

Repeatedly Click Next as the players play face-down cards to quadrants. HOPS' quadrant choice is highlighted. When all cards have been played and revealed, update the market (and timecard).

Phase 7 - Advance Expectations

Change the research tracks as shown below.

Reminder: don't forget to increase the minimum spec for the outgoing track.

Market Board

Adjust niche contents as needed