Welcome to the Robertsbridge Boardgame Club

Welcome! Hopefully if you've found our website you're a couple interested in playing board games in the Robertsbridge area of East Sussex.

RBC was founded in February 2013 in an effort to find like-minded couples who enjoy a social game without taking it too seriously.

We like to play board games for a few hours two or three times a week during the day, evening or at the weekend.

We often play a game with just the pair of us, but enjoy the 4 player games more.

Playing and laughing are more important than winning - we do try to win, but by the time all the bits go back in the box we don't remember or care!

The panel to the right lists examples of the board games that we play. You won't find Monopoly or other games that follow the old formula of "roll the dice, take a card and repeat until luck has selected a winner".

Instead we play "Eurogames", a term that describes modern games that feature elegant designs and interesting themes, where every turn involves decisions and tactics rather than luck. No-one is eliminated before the game ends, and often the winner isn't known until the end either, a fact which keeps everyone involved and enjoying the game right to the finish.

If you're a couple and think you might be interested and want to know more, please contact us.

Board games we play

This is not an exhaustive or exclusive list, but it'll give you a good idea of the sort of board games we like to play.

Black Box online

One of the older games to withstand the test of time is Black Box.

I created an online version and you are welcome to play: Black Box