About us

We're in our 50s and play eurogame board games two or three times a week with friends and members of the club.

We used to regularly play board games during the 1980s, but then we stopped because no-one wanted to play the tired old Waddingtons any more, and the alternative games of the time had rules so complicated that no-one could be bothered with them either.

Since then we'd believed that board games were dead thanks to the advent of computer games.

But in 2012 we discovered that in fact the modern board games industry is thriving, more than ever in fact, and that there are literally thousands of board games available (they can be seen at BoardGameGeek.com where they are ranked in order of popularity).

Since then we have acquired around 100 and enjoy them all. Although we frequently play 2-player games, most board games cater better for four, which is why this website came about.

So if you think you might enjoy a social get-together playing an unusual, modern board game with us, please get in touch.