How the club works

If you are a couple who might be interested in joining us to try out some Eurogames, please get in touch.

Once we'd had a brief email or phone dialogue we'd arrange to meet in a local pub for a chat.

If you then decide you'd like to give Eurogaming a try, we'd sort out a date for you to come over to our house. We'd play a "Gateway" game or two and you'd see if you enjoy the style of game. If you do, we have enough games to entertain for months if not years!

Club rule

As these games are expensive (typically 30-50 each) and easily spoilt by sticky fingers or spilt drinks, we use the house rule that food and drinks aren't allowed on the table!

"Gateway" games

Gateway games make an ideal introduction to the hobby for those new to the Eurogame style.

They are simple to learn and play, but still have challenging and interesting gameplay.

Below are a few suggestions for gateways.