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ET Mapping Tutorial

Lesson 14


Making a ladder
Making something to climb up
Making the ladder brush
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Making something to climb up [Top]
We'll make a ladder so we can get onto our building roof.  Then we'll put a constructible MG42 on it in the subsequent lesson.

You can make any object/wall something a player can climb up.  For simplicity we'll just stick to a ladder shape for now.

Run Radiant, open the map, and press 3.  Create a brush where shown.

Ctrl+tab to get the side view, and make the first leg of the ladder the right height.

Tip: Sometimes there can be a lot of brushes around in the 2D window and you can't easily see which one is actually the floor you want to place a new brush on.  In the 3D window just select the floor for a moment so you can see which brush lights up in the 2D window, and thus reveal where the "floor" is.  The deselect the floor and continue to move/re-size the brush you are working on.
Apply Textures/metal_misc ametal_m03 to the whole brush.  Ordinarily you would caulk the faces that won't be visible, but for the moment we won't, because we can create a prefab ladder which might be used in any free-standing context.  Once the prefab is created, you would import it as needed and then caulk the unseen faces that suit where you've positioned it.

Set the brush to Make Detail.

Top down view again, select and duplicate the ladder leg, and position it as shown and press ESC.  (You may want to hide the sky if you keep selecting it by accident).

Draw the brush between them (and caulk it) that will serve as the ladder rungs.

Side view and position the rungs brush properly between the ladder legs.

Make the brush Detail.

Now select the rungs face that the would-be climber would go up and apply Textures/alpha ladder texture.  Press S and enter 1 in the width box and 3 in the height and click Fit.  Then click Done and press ESC.  We use a texture that looks like ladder rungs instead of individual ladder rung brushes because:

  • It's quicker for us to make
  • It's quicker for ET to draw: one face instead of many faces on many brushes

If you want fancy rungs and you know there is no pressure on the FPS and you can be bothered, you can of course make individual rungs, bricks, whatever, to indicate a climbable structure to the players.  Make sure you make them Detail !

Making the ladder brush [Top]

Ok so we have something that resembles a ladder.  Now to make it climbable.

Top down view, select the rungs brush and duplicate it.  Resize and reposition it as shown.

Then apply Textures/common ladder texture (lavender/mauve check) to the whole brush.  We now have a functioning ladder.  To make it more useful, select the ladder legs and rungs brushes too so we have all 4 brushes selected.

Right-click in 2D and select func\func_group.  This has no effect on ET but is useful in Radiant.  It means we can select the group of brushes with one shift+alt+click.  Handy when importing it and you need to move it.

You could File/Save Selected... if you want to save this in your prefabs folder as prefab_ladder.map.

Press ESC.

Save, compile and make sure you can scramble up your ladder :)

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