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Lesson 19


Health and ammo cabinets
Health and ammo cabinets
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Health and ammo cabinets [Top]
This is another thing that you don't make by hand.  This one that I have zipped was originally the health & ammo cabinets near the Allied start on Goldrush.  I put the cabinets in line with each other instead of at right angles, put them at the same height as each other and created a prefab.

Download it, unzip the map and put it in your prefabs folder.

Run Radiant, open your map and import the prefab.  It will appear near the 0,0,0 co-ordinate.

Drag it into place as shown.

That's it - no scripting needed.  When a player stands near them they'll dish out health/ammo.  The location will also appear on the command map.

If you want more than one set of cabinets, you can duplicate the whole thing but you will need to make some name changes:  use shift+alt+click on each item in turn and for each one, press N and change "first" to "second" for any key/value in which it appears, then Hide the brush and do the next.

If you need to rotate a set of cabinets, or a command post, it's quite a lot of aggro.  Better is to move the wall or find somewhere else to put it!  But if you have to rotate the cabinets, rotate the set by multiples of 90 degrees to keep it simpler.  The nuisance is that you don't change the orientation of models (which the cabinets do have) by rotating, so while the triggers and clips will rotate, the models don't :(

You must instead select each model and press N and enter its new angle.  Save your work before attempting rotation on model/brush combinations!  Especially true for trucks and tanks, and most of all for command posts.

You can control how much and how quickly the cabinets dispense things.

Shift+click on the big trigger and Hide it.

Shift+click on the ammo trigger (it's on the right as you look at them in 3D).

Press N.  You can see the ammorate and ammototal.  Healrate and Healtotal apply to the other trigger.  These ones have the standard expected values so you normally won't need to change them.  You can make other things dish out health/ammo by using these triggers, like the water in the dog kennel in 2tanks.

Save, compile and test your cabinet.

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