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Lesson 34


Generating a tracemap
Generating a tracemap
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Generating a tracemap [Top]
A tracemap is not strictly necessary, which is why sometimes the mapper omits one and you might notice an error like "tracemap not found" fly past in all the loading text before the map starts.

But really you should do one.  A tracemap is generated by ET when in developer mode, and once generated, it can be used to tell ET about the contours and geography of the map so that it knows how to apply weather effects.

Without a tracemap, if you made your map snow, the snow would fall into the buildings.

Run ET, and run your map.

Once the warmup has ended, bring up the console and type:

  • \developer 1
  • \generatetracemap

You'll then see a lot of lines telling you how the generation is progressing.  When it's all finished, type in:

  • \developer 0

Don't worry about other sundry messages that might get displayed, they don't matter.  You can quit ET again now.

The tracemap file will actually come in handy for the next lesson, which is Making a Command Map...

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