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June Lockhart as Maureen Robinson - TV and Movies Gallery


9/8pm 03/01/04 - Season 1 Episode 117

When a less then brilliant townie (guest star Sean Astin, "The Lord of the Rings") hits a big cash jackpot at the Montecito, Danny (Josh Duhamel) draws the challenging task of securing the winner and his bag full of cash only to watch Vegas' newest millionaire die for an alleged heart attack.

However, when the man's greedy wife turns up to claim his winnings and discovers both the body and the cash are MIA, Danny smells a scam and scours the city for the missing money.

Elsewhere, Ed (James Caan) welcomes a special guest - his mother Bette (guest star June Lockhart, ""Lassie," "Lost in Space") - who regales the staff with tails of the fierce president of operations childhood, while Sam (Vanessa Marcil) attempts to control the king and queen of coupons who are determined to leave Vegas without spending a dime.

Molly Sims, Nikki Cox, Marsha Thomason and James Lesure also star. TV-14

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