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Lost in Space - The Cartoon

In the 1972-73 television season, ABC produced The ABC Saturday Superstar Movies, a weekly collection of 60 minute animated movies, pilots and specials from various production companies, such as Hanna-Barbera, Filmation, and Rankin-Bass. The subjects were varied: Nanny and the Professor, Brady Bunch, Lassie, The Munsters, Gidget, Popeye, That Girl, Willie Mays competed with new characters such as the dog based Robin Hoodnik and The Red Baron (a schnauzer battling the evil cat Putzi). Needless to say, some shows became series, and some languished in obscurity. Hanna-Barbera Productions contributed animated work based Gidget, Yogi Bear, Tabitha, Oliver Twist, The Banana Splits, and most importantly, Lost in Space. 

Based loosely on the television series created by Irwin Allen (only Dr. Smith and the Robot return), the animated version of Lost in Space centers around The Space Shuttle Jupiter II and her crew, Commander Craig Robinson, Deanna Carmichael, Linc Robinson and the cowardly villain everybody loves to hate, Dr Zachary Smith. Also along for the ride is a Series 1A-1998 robot named "Robot" which looks similar to the version in the live-action television series, but sounds nothing like Dick Tufeld. 

The show opened the second season of ABC Saturday Superstar Movies, on September 8, 1973. After an encounter with a meteorite shower, the Jupiter II is thrown off course. The crew finds itself hopelessly (you guessed it) lost in space. After crash landing on a distant planet, Craig, Deanna, Linc, Dr Smith and the Robot are thrown into the middle of a civil war between the peaceful frog-like Throgs and the evil metallic Tyranos. What will happen next? See for yourself as you thrill to this long- lost television classic!

The pilot for the animated Lost in Space series was not picked up as a series, and only this episode was produced.

Dr. Zachary Smith - Jonathan Harris
Commander Craig Robinson - Mike Bell
Deanna Carmichael -Shari Alberoni 
Linc Robinson -Vince Van Patten 
Robot/Announcer - Don Messick

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