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Guest Stars

Sheila AllenReturn From Outer Space
Michael AnsaraThe Challenge
Kevin HagenHis Majesty Smith
Sherry JacksonThe Space Croppers
Kym KarathThe Lost Civilization
Werner KlempererAll That Glitters
Lamar LundyThere Were Giants in the Earth
Don MathesonThe Sky is Falling
Mercedes McCambridgeThe Space Croppers
Warren OatesWelcome Stranger
Dawson PalmerThe Derelict There Were Giants in the Earth The Space Croppers
Michael J. PollardThe Magic Mirror
Michael RennieThe Keeper (pt 1) The Keeper (pt 2)
Kurt RussellThe Challenge
Albert SalmiThe Sky Pirate
Reta ShawReturn From Outer Space
Torin ThatcherThe Space Trader
Al LewisRocket To Earth
Dee HartfordAndroid Machine Revolt of The Androids The Space Beauty

In memory of Kevin Hagen

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