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Collectibles: Scripts

Synopses - These autographed synopses outline each year's storyline.

Script Covers

LIS Forever
- Bob May's script, given to Ray

Reluctant Stowaway
- Given to Ray by June Lockhart

Two Of Bill Mumy's Personal Scripts: Hunters Moon And Flaming Planet

More scripts from Bill Mumy

Space Cases Original Signed Script by Bill Mumy and Mark Hamill

With many thanks to Kevin Burns for this script.

Bob May's Scripts

Original Lost Civilization Script Signed By Bob May, Bob's Personal Original Space Destructors Script and West Of Mars Script

Original Astral Traveler Script Signed By Bill Mumy

Mark Goddard Signed Keeper One And Keeper Two Scripts

Lost In Space - The Journey Home 2002

Due to the passing of Jonathan Harris NBC decided not to produce script

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