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Bob May as Robot

Zany is the word for this very versatile comedian who began his career in 1941 at the tender, impressionable age of two, working with his grandfather, Chic Johnson of the " HELLZAPOPPIN " comedy team of Olsen and Johnson . May worked with his family playing theaters, nightclubs, and hotel supper clubs all over the world, along with their many television shows.

May left the show on two separate occasions. The first time to go to New York City where, for a year, he performed in the Broadway hit, " LIFE WITH FATHER " in the role of Harlin. The second time was when he was cast in an even bigger role for Uncle Sam. However, this did not curtail performing with his family, when he could wrangle a furlough.

Bob Mays' career was not impaired by the service since the USO needed in-house performers when the outside shows could not reach the camps. Bob gave much to the entertainment of the soldiers, as he produced and performed in many productions during, his stint.

Bob's Hollywood debut was with the encouragement and confidence of the ever-popular Jerry Lewis . This was the first of nine pictures with Jerry that would set Bob firmly in Hollywood as an established and revered actor in many films as seen in his resume. It was without question that Bob would find his way into the living rooms of the American home. On most any night he could be found performing in such shows as; RED SKELTON , McHALE'S NAVY , and as The Robot in LOST IN SPACE .

Intermixed with all of the shows, Bob still finds time to work in his first loved medium, nightclubs. He has worked the gambit from coast to coast in such well known clubs as - The Latin Quarter, The Riviera, and Chicago's well known hot spot, The Chez Paris.

Since Bob had the groundwork laid, thanks to his grandfather, he established himself in the areas of producing and directing. From him, Bob learned what a show needed in order to make it a success.

Bob May has not only directed his own productions, but also for Olsen and Johnson , as well as serving as Jerry Lewis' dialogue director and looping director.

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Voice: Dick Tufeld

Robot design: Robert Kinoshita

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