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Collectibles: Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen

Produced by Kevin Burns in 1995 for the Sci-fi Channel and co hosted by Bill Mumy and June Lockhart with Bob May inside our favorite mechanical man Robot B9 takes us on a journey inside the life of Irwin Allen the " master of disaster". 

This dvd takes us into all of Irwin's tv and movie productions. Reminiscences by such people as Jonathan Harris, Roddy Mc Dowell, Whit Bissel, David Hedison to name a few. The dvd also contains bonus footage, bloopers and rare out takes never seen before.

The Fox vaults have been opened and added to this dvd are featurettes on Land Of The Giants, City Beneath The Sea, Man From The 25th Century, and The Towering Inferno. All have been re mastered by Kevin Burns to perfection.

From start to finish this dvd is truly awesome. the rare footage included here is incredible. The long list of interviews alone with cast members from all of Irwin's productions are worth the dvd price alone. Some who have never given interviews before like Paul Zastunevich, Whitt Bissel to name a few. You will be captivated for ninety minutes. 

Definitely a must have for all Irwin Allen fans. 

Special Thanks Goes Out To Kevin Burns For All Of His Hard Work In Producing Such A Wonderful Special For Us Fans And For Bringing The Special To DVD.

Also A Big Thank You To Bill Mumy For His Contributions As Creative Consultant For This Project. 

Ray D.

July 7, 2004.

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