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Collectibles: Season 2 UK Set

Bob May Comment

I have just viewed the U. K. second season dvd set. I think the packaging and episode quality makes it very inviting to fans to purchase this dvd set. I think Fox U. K. have matched what LIS is all about exciting and inviting.

I was thrilled to see how Fox U. K. honored the Robot with the dvd set. But that is not unusual as I was treated the same way when I visited Australia. 

The U. K. set is affordable by all and if you are a Sci-Fi fan then this set is a must.

Your Robot Always,

Bob May 

July 29, 2004.

Ray Dutczak Comment

Having received my second season UK dvd set the other day and viewing episodes I must say that Fox UK did a wonderful job with the set. The episode quality is gorgeous on these dvd's. Picture and sound quality is very good.

At the end of The Galaxy Gift on disc 8 the preview for the opening third season episode Condemned Of Space is included. So nice to see that the Fox UK did include the preview. Gets LIS fans excited about season three. 

The packaging is another plus to this set. The 8 dvd's are housed in a beautiful box in plastic sleeves that you flip like pages in a book. This makes for easy removal when you want to view an episode. Each disc comes with a photo of a cast member on them which gives the discs a nice touch. Also included is a beautiful episode guide which describes all the episodes, air date, writers, etc. The episode guide fits nicely into a pocket that is included in the disc box which makes for nice storage. The pocket has a nice photo of Smith, Will and the Robot on it.

As far as extras there are three audio interviews from 1967 with Jonathan Harris, June Lockhart, and Guy Williams. A montage of photos play as you listen to each interview.

To view this UK set you will need a multi regional player. A plain U.S. player will not play the discs. Fox UK is scheduled to release season 3 in January. 

The U.S. release of season two part one is slated for September 14. The set will be split into two parts. Part two of season two has no release date yet.

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