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Robert Kinoshita, Robot Designer

When Irwin Allen sold his new show to 20th Century Fox, the studio executives decided it needed more conflict. Two new elements were added - Dr. Smith, and the General Utility Non-theorizing Environmental Control Robot, model B9. Fox hired professional prop maker Robert Kinoshita to design and build the robot for the upcoming series. Kinoshita is also known in science fiction circles for his other robotic icon, Forbidden Planet's Gort, aka Robby The Robot. Robby also appeared on Lost Space episodes The War Of The Robots and The Condemned Of Space. 

Bob Kinoshita's credits include as art director include such series as Sea Hunt, Hawaii 5-0, and Kojak.

Bob May surprised me with the sketches in the above slideshow at a show in Detroit in October, 2000. I am still overwhelmed by the gesture. Thanks Bob!

Hollywood Heritage Museum - An Evening With Bob Kinoshita.

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