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First Season Episodes - There were Giants in the Earth (episode 4)

The Robinsons discover that giants inhabit the planet and are forced to migrate south to avoid a dangerous drop in air temperature.

As the Robot closes in on Will, the boy at first panics. But when John and Don arrive on the scene, Will recovers and temporarily manages to engage the Robot by imitating Smith's voice. Don removes the Robot's power pack and disables the machine. 

The next day, everyone assists in setting up a living unit around the spaceship, and John and Don depart to fix the Chariot. After a week, John reports that events have progressed smoothly. He discovers that life on the planet undergoes constant metamorphosis, giving birth to ever new and strange forms of animal/vegetable matter. While John conducts further tests inside, Will reconnects the Robot's power pack in the hope that it may be of some use in their work. When Will hears a foreign noise, the Robot disappears in search of the source. 

When the Robot returns with garbled information about a giant, the Robinson's are unsure how to react. A sharp drop in temperature prompts John and Don to visit the weather station, where they discover that the temperature will fall 150 degrees. John decides they must head south to warmer weather. On their return to the ship, they encounter one of the huge cyclopean giants that the Robot had discovered. Unarmed, the two men take refuge in a cave. Will spots the trouble on the radio telescope and he rushes to the scene with a laser gun. The boy blasts the giant and incapacitates the creature. 

The three rush back to the spaceship to prepare for the trip south. Smith refuses to accompany the group, feeling it safer to remain behind. Just as the others are ready to leave, Penny and her pet Bloop are discovered missing. John dons his rocket belt to find her, telling Don to leave if the temperature drops to ten below zero, with or without him. John finds his daughter and carries her off piggy-back. They make it back just in time and John heads the Chariot south. 

The travelers encounter a severe electrical storm and seek shelter in a strange cave resembling an underground city.


Original artwork for dvd special Attack of the 50ft Monster Mania. Many thanks to Kevin Burns for this artwork.

Deleted John Robinson Cyclops Jetpack Scenes

Penny Cyclops Flower Mushroom Scene- Photos, Call Sheets, Script Pages

Robot Meets Cyclops- Photos, Call Sheets, Script Pages

No Place To Hide - Cyclops, John Robinson Deleted Scene Photos, Script Pages

Lamar Lundy: Cyclops

In the late 1960s, the Los Angeles Rams had the most feared and respected defensive line in the National Football League. Known as the Fearsome Foursome, Merlin Olson, "Deacon" Jones, Lamar Lundy, and "Rosie" Grier averaged 44 sacks per season.

Against scientists with jetpacks and small boys with lasers, Lamar's record was not as good.

Mark Goddard remembers

What do I remember about Lamar Lundy?

Well, I remember his athletic feats on the grid iron, for the Los Angeles Rams and, oh yeah, he was also the man that was inside the Cyclops outfit. 

As a member of the fearsome foursome, that included Deacon Jones and Merlon Olson. He was a hell of a football player. He struck fear in the hearts of opponents. 

As a member of the one eyed giants, he took a laser hit from ten year old Will Robinson, and keeled over like a cardboard cutout of the Robot in a windstorm. On the other hand, credit must be given when due. 

During the pilot episode when Guy and I were trying to hide from the Giant in a cave, he was most formidable. He tore a tree out by the roots, and tried to squish us to death. Pretty smart, but not as smart as Major West, when I lit a flame, to give him a hot foot (Boy, what you learn in Astronaut College). That's when Will saved the day. Why am I being so specific when I write about Lamar Lundy? Because, I never really worked with him or exchanged football exploits with him. I was a 150 lb end in high school, and once even scored a touchdown. I was called back because I was off sides when the play started. All of Lamar's work was filmed separately and edited in later.I knew Lamar to be a gentle man and hard nosed football player. On the Lost In Space set, I knew him to be a gentle giant with an eye for the Ladies. Why else try to rid the Cosmos of Professor John Robinson and Major Don West? 

Happy Memories!

A Review by Robert Herzog

"There Were Giants in the Earth" is another top-notch season one entry. 

My only problem with "Giants" is strictly of the nit-picking variety, and was never really an issue for me at all until I finally saw "No Place to Hide". After having seen the unaired pilot, however, some of the scenes lifted from "No Place to Hide" didn't work so well for me anymore. 

The episode flows just fine until the scene with Maureen carrying her laundry basket outside of the ship and glancing off into the wasteland. At this point, the Jupiter 2 campsite looks totally different from how it had looked in the episode until now. The spaceship clearly looks different, as it should, because we're now looking at the Gemini XII. Additionaly, Will and Judy look much younger than they did the scene before, and the incidental music doesn't match anything that came before or after this portion of the episode. From this point, everything flips and flops back and 
forth... Jupiter 2, Gemini XII; ostrich pen, no ostrich pen; big garden, little garden; disabled Robot off to the side of the main hatch, no Robot; older children, younger children; barren, rocky surroundings, smooth, less rugged surroundings; etc. 

While it was never a problem for me before seeing "No Place to Hide", I did always feel that something wasn't quite right about some of those scenes. Don's line about the ship "finally being sighted by a passing rocket" was also weird. Seeing as how the Jupiter had just traveled in hyper-drive, beyond the speed of light, "past the limits of our galaxy", did Don or John really think a rescue ship was anywhere near them, or that even one was coming at all? 

Anyway, enough already with the nit-picks. The episode, while not loaded with non-stop excitement, is interesting none the less as the Robinsons deal with their new surroundings, giants, drastic weather changes, an additonal mouth to feed who won't pull his weight, and a poorly-programmed robot. The adventure continues. 

I give "There Were Giants in the Earth" a 9.


Professor John RobinsonGuy Williams
Maureen RobinsonJune Lockhart
Major Don WestMark Goddard
Judy RobinsonMarta Kristen
Penny RobinsonAngela Cartwright
Will RobinsonBilly Mumy
Dr. Zachary SmithJonathan Harris
RobotBob May
Voice of the RobotDick Tufeld
Executive ProducerIrwin Allen
DirectorLeo Penn
WriterCarey Wilber
Guest Cast
GiantDawson Palmer
Uncredited GiantLamar Lundy
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