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First Season Episodes - War Of The Robots (episode 20)

Will repairs a robotoid from an advanced civilization which challenges the Robinsons' robot.

Will and Smith realize that the Robotoid they have discovered is inoperable. But after they leave for the Jupiter 2, the Robotoid suddenly fires its neutron gun, blasting a bush into oblivion. John inspects the machine with his son and gives him permission to work on it. The Robot warns that a robotoid has free choice and therefore could be dangerous. 

When the Robot is discovered missing from the campsite at night, John, Don, Will and Smith rush to the Robotoid just in time to stay the Robot from destroying the alien machine. Reprimanding the Robot, the party returns to the ship. The next day, Will gets the Robotoid working and he returns triumphantly to camp with both mechanical creatures. 

The Robotoid is soon found to be far superior to the Robot in its capabilities, and the Robot seems doomed to obsolescence. The Robotoid returns to a moat where he reports to his master on a view screen that he has found earthlings suitable for experimentation. The master states that after they are rendered helpless by the Robotoid, he will appear and take them away. During the night the Robotoid warns the Robot not to get in his way. 

The next morning the Robotoid takes over all of the Robot's work. At Smith's cruel suggestion, the Robot goes into exile. The next day it is discovered that not only has the Robotoid stolen all the laser guns but he has also sabotaged equipment in the Chariot and spaceship. The Robotoid appears and takes over, ordering everyone inside the ship. Will makes a break, however, and Don and John jump the Robotoid. While the Robotoid communicates to his leader, Will and the Robot show up. The Robot feigns allegiance to the Robotoid and maneuvers to trigger a smoke screen enabling him to get behind the machine to de-energize him. He succeeds and everyone rushes out to embrace their mechanical friend and savior. 

Later, Smith and Penny hide under a strange mirror just as cosmic lightning strikes it. 


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Bob May on Artificial Intelligence

Initially, our robot was just a General Utility Non-theorizing Environmental Control Robot, model B9, put aboard the Jupiter 2 with the responsibility of helping the Robinsons with their mission of a colonizing and developing a new planet to alleviate earth's overcrowding. Everything was fine until Dr. Smith reprogrammed the robot to destroy the Jupiter 2. He, Dr. Smith, took too long with his sabotage and became a "Reluctant Stowaway." The robot, at this point, starting following the orders of Dr. Smith to "destroy." Of course, as we all know, the robot did not destroy the Jupiter 2, but he put all aboard in the position of being "Lost in Space." Will, with his inquisitive mind, found out what Dr. Smith had done and proceeded to reprogram the robot. But he changed something more than simple command sequences. 

From that moment on, the robot started on his journey of self-awareness. The gradual change came from knowledge and positive data input from each member of the Robinson Family, Major West, and of course, Dr. Smith: 

Maureen Robinson: Devotion to family 
John Robinson: Responsibility and guardianship 
Major Don West: Devotion to duty 
Judy Robinson: Respect and kindness without reservation 
Penny Robinson: Family loyalty and joy in diversity 
Will Robinson: Love and friendship 
Dr. Smith: Cheating, Lying, buffoonery, complaining, excuses and cowardice 

And of course, encounters with aliens, friend and foe contributed to his grasp of the fact that hopes and dreams are inherent in all creatures in the universe. All of this data enabled our robot in time to develop feelings, attitudes, understanding and ambitions that no other robot or machine could ever have. The Robot is the protector of the family, and more importantly, he perceives this as his role in the family - it is not just simple programmed orders. Will and the Robot are like a boy and his dog. The Robot with Dr Smith is the greatest comedy team ever. 

You see, Robby the Robot, Big Blue, even R2D2 come to you in the theater, so there is a sense of distance. Your Robot comes right into your home via your television set, creating much more familiarity. Everybody wanted to either be Will Robinson or your Robot when they played Lost in Space, or watched it in their living room. REMEMBER: The Robot belongs to the fans because if it weren't for all of you, there'd be no classic show or Robot Memories to even think about. 

Your Robot Always, 
Bob May


Professor John RobinsonGuy Williams
Maureen RobinsonJune Lockhart
Major Don WestMark Goddard
Judy RobinsonMarta Kristen
Penny RobinsonAngela Cartwright
Will RobinsonBilly Mumy
Dr. Zachary SmithJonathan Harris
RobotBob May
Voice of the RobotDick Tufeld
Executive ProducerIrwin Allen
DirectorSobey Martin
WriterBarney Slater
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