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First Season Episodes - The Challenge (episode 22)

A ruler from another planet and his son try to prove their superiority over Earth people by challenging John and Will to a test of strength and courage.

A brave alien boy, Quano, confronts the Robinsons, Don and Dr. Smith with his leveled spear. After a brief exchange, the boy slips off into the brush. Quano shows up at the Jupiter 2 campsite the next morning and takes Will rock hunting. He explains that he has been put on the planet alone for a week by his father to test his manhood. He then challenges Will to join him in a test of strength and courage. Inside a remote cave the two boys, armed only with a crude spear and a knife, ferret out a horrible monster. They become trapped and after the monster knocks Quano down, Will stands to fight. 

Suddenly, a blast from a neutron gun drives the beast away and Will turns to face Quano's father, who rules their home planet. Back at the spaceship, after Will has recounted his adventure, Smith cautions that they must do nothing to provoke the potentially hostile aliens. 

At the campsite, the ruler again praises Will and he relays Quano's challenge to compete in a series of exercises to test manliness. Smith secretly proposes to Quano that he will cause Will to lose the contest if Quano and his father will get him back to Earth. Quano disgustedly rebukes Smith. 

At the contest the next day, Will and Quano compete in a series of futuristic tests. In the end, Quano and Will are tied. Quano wants to wrestle Will to determine the final winner but the ruler, afraid that his son might lose, challenges John to a wrestling match. During the match, Quano, his pride hurt, slips off to the cave to fight the monster. After John finally beats the ruler with a deft judo throw, the ruler discovers his son missing and realizes the mistake he made by not letting him finish the contest. 

The men rush to the cave where Quano confronts the monster. The ruler apologizes to his son and together they battle and defeat the beast. Leaving Quano and his father, now reunited, to go their way, John and Will return to the camp, sharing a hearty feeling of pride. 


Professor John RobinsonGuy Williams
Maureen RobinsonJune Lockhart
Major Don WestMark Goddard
Judy RobinsonMarta Kristen
Penny RobinsonAngela Cartwright
Will RobinsonBilly Mumy
Dr. Zachary SmithJonathan Harris
RobotBob May
Voice of the RobotDick Tufeld
Executive ProducerIrwin Allen
DirectorDon Richardson
WriterBarney Slater
Guest Cast
RulerMichael Ansara
QuanoKurt Russell
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