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First Season Episodes - Lost Civilization (episode 27)

Will awakens the sleeping Princess of an underground world planning to conquer the universe.

After escaping a lava flow from an exploding volcano, John, Don, Will and the Robot steer the Chariot in their search for a new water supply. Unable to operate the air conditioner from which Smith has stolen the main thermostat, they are driven by the intense heat to the shelter of a cave. 

As Don and John work to repair the air conditioner, Will and the Robot wander off into the cave. The Robot senses an abundant water supply but before they can investigate, a quake throws them deeper into the cavern. The two begin their search for another exit. John and Don, meanwhile, have repaired the Chariot and are now looking for Will. 

Will and the Robot discover an enormous underground sea. They come upon a structure of arches within which a girl slumbers on a bed. The Robot instructs Will to kiss her, ala "Sleeping Beauty." He does so reluctantly and the girl awakes. She explains that she is the Princess of an underground civilization and invites them to see her army. 

John and Don, meanwhile, have been captured by several alien warriors. As the Princess' Major Domo leads Will and the Robot to see the army, they pass the detention area where Don and John are being held. The .army is an endless store of warriors in frozen tubes. The Major Domo explains that they have been storing warriors for centuries in preparation for their universal conquest which would be triggered by the first foreigner to venture to their land and awaken the Princess. Since Will is the intrepid traveler who kissed the Princess, he will have to marry her, and the army will be deployed against Earth.

Unwilling to become the prince consort, Will explains that he is just a boy and does not want to give up having fun. The girl is impressed with Will and she directs that John be released, bidding the father and son to escape. John, Will and the Robot rush to free Don and then head for open country. 

Safely back at the Jupiter 2, Smith and Will climb to a high rocky plateau in search of a distant glinting object, but suddenly the rocky ledge crumbles under Smith's feet.


Professor John RobinsonGuy Williams
Maureen RobinsonJune Lockhart
Major Don WestMark Goddard
Judy RobinsonMarta Kristen
Penny RobinsonAngela Cartwright
Will RobinsonBilly Mumy
Dr. Zachary SmithJonathan Harris
RobotBob May
Voice of the RobotDick Tufeld
Executive ProducerIrwin Allen
DirectorDon Richardson
WriterWilliam Welch
Guest Cast
PrincessKym Karath
Major DomoRoyal Dano
Kym Karath starred in The Sound of Music as Angela Cartwright's sister Gretl.

Two years before that, in Spencer's Mountain, Kym played Pattie-Cake Spencer, the sister of Becky Spencer, the character played by Angela's sister, Veronica.
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