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A Message from Marta Kristen 5/19/01

Hello out there!

It's been a great year and it's been especially wonderful meeting many of you at the conventions. After the Orlando show, Angela, Bill and myself had the opportunity to go to NASA where we were treated like royalty! Bill's astronaut friend, Charlie Justice, flew in from Texas and personally gave us a tour of the Kennedy Space Center. I actually got to look inside the Endeavor space shuttle and signed the wall just outside the shuttle right next to Margaret Thatcher's signature. Thrilling, indeed.

Then, in April, all the cast had a great reunion show in Cleveland. My brother-in-law John lives in Hudson so my husband and granddaughter came with me. John work for the FBI in Cleveland so we were all on our best behavior!

We had an incredible tour of Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I spent a great deal of time explaining to Lena (our 6 year old granddaughter) who Jim, Janice, Bob and John Lennon were and how much they influenced my youth. She, of course, thought Britney Spears was much better.

And now, I am in Detroit, my old hometown. Being raised in Farmington, Michigan, I am so happy to be here visiting old friends and meeting new ones. I will be staying here through the end of the week with a friend, Carol, who has remained close all these years.  It is good to be home.

Marta Kristen
Detroit Michigan
May 19, 2001

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A message from Marta 5/19/2001

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