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Australian Collectibles

In 1998 Kevin Burns brought to life a tribute to the LIS Classic series entitled Lost In Space Forever. On this special, hosted by John Larroquette, LIS celebrated three decades of LIS Memories including bloopers, greatest moments and even took a look at the 1998 LIS Movie.

Well, shortly after premiering on TV, the videocassette version of Lost In Space Forever was released only in Australia in PAL format. This video featured the special itself, with one added bonus - the original pilot for LIS No Place To Hide. This print comes direct from the Fox vaults and is beautifully remastered.

In this episode we get a rare look at the Robinson Family as they make their way into space on their maiden voyage aboard the Gemini 12. You get a rare look at what LIS was like before the addition of Dr. Smith and the Robot. 

Ray Dutczak 
November 25 2001

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