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Collectibles: Japanese DVD Set

This dvd set included many goodies in it. Not only did you get great pacaging but you also got with this set blueprints and postcards and a fantastic booklet based on the first season of LIS.

Booklet included an introduction to the first season of LIS along with profiles of each character, a hardware section, J2, Chariot, Robot. Also, an episode guide. Booklet also contains many RARE photos.

Post cards and blueprints.

Three blueprints were included one of the Robot, Chariot, and J2. Pictured is the Robot blueprint. Four postcards were also included also with the blueprints. Pictured is the Smith Robot post card.


Containes an introduction to the first season. character profiles, hardware profiles on J2, Chariot, Robot, and episode guide.


Much like the American dvd set all eight discs contained a sleeve with a photo of one of the LIS characters on it. The back of the sleeve contained episode synopsis and screen grabs.

The Robot

The Robot was undoubtly one of the most popular characters on the series thanks to the team of Bob May and Dick Tufeld.

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