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Collectibles: Season 1 on DVD

Starring: Guy Williams, June Lockhart, Bill Mumy, Angela Cartwright, Marta Kristen, Mark Goddard, Bob May, Dick Tufeld

Encoding: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only).
Format: Black & White, Closed-captioned, Box set

Rated: NR
Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video

DVD Release Date: January 13, 2004
DVD Features: Unaired pilot: "No Place to Hide" and CBS Network presentation

Full-screen format
Number of discs: 8

The "LOST IN SPACE" season one episodes are compiled on one single layered and seven dual-layered discs (full frame, aspect ratio 1.33:1). Episodes are presented in black and white, with English mono and Spanish mono.

Last year, as you recall, Lost In Space fans around the world were petitioning Fox video for Lost In Space the classic series to be released on DVD format. Well now Fox has listened and on Tuesday January 13th LIS the Classic series on DVD will be available through retailer outlets such as Suncoast Video, Coconuts movie and music and such mail order outlets as

The packaging that house the DVD's is beautiful. The front has a very nice picture of the J2 crew and the back of the box is also very attractive and has some pretty nice photos too.

The DVD's come in eight plastic sleeves that house one disc with three episodes per disc. Disc eight has episode 29 on it, "Follow The Leader," and also contains the rarely seen unaired pilot and the CBS Pitch Featurette. Fox also did include the cliffhanger to the second season opener " Blast Off Into Space" which appears at the end of " Follow The Leader" which is the last episode of season one.

Each disc case has an attractive sleeve in it. The front of each sleeve has a photo of an LIS crew member, the back has screen grab photos of each episode that is contained in that sleeve.

Picture and sound quality is crisp and clear and Fox did a great job with these season one prints in bringing them to life on these DVD's.

The episode menu on these discs are fabulous! Each disc has a different menu set up which makes each disc different.

I am sure everyone will be pleased with what Fox, with the assistance of Kevin Burns, has done with season one. It was definitely worth the wait!

To Be Continued!

Ray Dutczak
January 8 2004

Disc 1

The Reluctant Stowaway
The Derelict
Island In The Sky
There Were Giants In The Earth

Disc 2

The Hungry Sea
Welcome Stranger
My Friend, Mr. Nobody
Invaders From the Fifth Dimension

Disc 3

The Oasis
The Sky Is Falling
Wish Upon A Star
The Raft

Disc 4

One Of Our Dogs Is Missing
Attack of the Monster Plants
Return From Outer Space
The Keeper- Part 1

Disc 5

The Keeper- Part 2
The Sky Pirate
Ghost In Space
The War of the Robots

Disc 6

The Magic Mirror
The Challenge
The Space Trader
His Majesty Smith

Disc 7

The Space Croppers
All That Glitters
The Last Civilization
A Change Of Space

Disc 8

Follow The Leader
No Place to Hide (Unaired pilot)
CBS Network presentation reel

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