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Collectibles: Season 2 Volume 1

Ray Dutczak Comment

I am very happy as an LIS fan to see LIS Season two make it to dvd. Though in the minority, I do love all the Fantasy associated with season two. Give me the Space Cowboys, Thief From Outer Space, and Space Vikings and Magicians any day. Now Fox has made it possible for us LIS fans to own something very special here with Season two volume one.

I would like to thank Peter Standon over at Fox for making season two come to fruition. Also to Kevin Burns for all of his work and support in making season two a reality. Also want to thank Kevin for letting us make a little contribution to the set as far as the episode guide goes, and also with a few photos.

Also must thank the LIS cast members for an excellent and very memorable season two due to their contributions. Some GREAT episodes came out of year two. 

Here is a review of Season Two Volume One DVD Set: 

Four discs are included in this volume. Episodes 1-16 make up the set. The episodes are housed much like season one in these flat plastic holders. Each disk has a photo of different cast members on them. Penny, Major West, and Judy are not included in this volume as far as being pictured on a disc. Nor are they included on the disc sleeves as you will see in the pictures below. I guess the reason being that this volume only has four discs as a reason.

The disc sleeves are housed in a very attractive box that won't take up much room on your shelf. I like the box art for the back of the box, however my only complaint is the box front which depicts a cartoon of the second season opening credits with the cast heads on the cartoon bodies. That I don't like.

The print and sound quality is very good. Some of the best I have seen LIS print wise. Definitely better then the Columbia House VHS versions. 

I think Fox has done a wonderful job with this dvd set. I also think that everyone will be happy with the time and effort that has gone into it. So don't forget to pick up your copy this Tuesday September 14th. Season Two Volume Two is slated for release November 30, can't wait.

Ray Dutczak
September 9, 2004 

P. S. Zeno RULZZZZZZZZZZZZ.............

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