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Collectibles: Season 2 Volume 2

Ray Dutczak Comment

On November 30th season two V2 was released in a four disc set. The remaining half of the second season is contained in this release. The episode and sound quality is very good. Not much bonus material included. However, radio interviews from 1966 with Guy Williams, June Lockhart, and Jonathan Harris are added to disc four.


Disc 1: 1/11/1967 The Questing Beast, 1/25/1967 The Toymaker, 2/1/1967 Mutiny in Space, 2/8/1967 The Space Vikings. 
Disc 2: 2/15/1967 rocket to Earth, 2/22/1967 The Cave of the Wizards, 3/1/1967 Treasure of the Lost Planet, 3/8/1967 Revolt of the Androids. 
Disc 3: 3/15/1967 The Colonists, 3/22/1967 Trip Through the Robot, 3/29/1967 The Phantom Family, 4/5/1967 The Mechanical Men. 
Disc 4: 4/12/1967 The Astral Traveler, 4/26/1967 The Galaxy Gift. 

Disk Count: 4 

Original Language: English 

Additional Language(s) : French, Spanish 

Subtitles Available : English, Spanish 

Audio/Video Features: 
Full Frame 
B&W, Color 

Product Features: 
Production Notes 
Production Stills 

Special Features: 
Original 1966 Lost In Space Interviews; 17 stills from the Guy Williams and June Lockhart interview; 15 stills from the Jonathan Harris interview

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