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Collectibles: Season 3 Volume 1

Ray Dutczak Comment

I just received the year three volume one set and I must say what a beautiful set it is. Year three holds a special fondness for me in my heart because of all the great stories that were written during that season. I like season three the best.The set contains four discs and the quality is truly awesome.

These prints that Fox used are very good. All the preview trailers for the first fifteen episodes are contained on each disc in the menu section and is easy to navigate. Part of the bonus features are 20 bonus clips entitled " Lost In Space Memories" and are fantastic.

I Don't want to spoil it for everyone by telling you exactly what they are. You will have to buy a copy and watch. Also contained as part of the bonus materials are LIS commercial tags such as " Lost In Space Brought To You By'.

I think Fox did a great job with year 3 volume one. I must send out a very special THANK YOU to Kevin Burns once again. He was the one who submitted all the bonus material contained here. If not for Kevin we wouldn't have had this stuff. Also if not for the persistence of Kevin we probably never would have had LIS on dvd at all. So THANK YOU Kevin Burns. Make sure to pick up your copy of season three V1 this Tuesday March first at your local retailers. 

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