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Collectibles: Season 3 Volume 2

Release Date: July 19, 2005

It's the third and final season of the far-out tales of TV's most lovable space crew! Complete your mission with these intergalactic adventures! Join in as the Jupiter 2 crew attempts to finally return home to Earth, with more help from the wily Robot B-9, more antics from master meddler Dr. Zachary Smith, and of course, more “Danger, Will Robinson!” Along with out-of-this-world extras not available anywhere else, this collectable DVD installment of Irwin Allen's LOST IN SPACE presents the final 9 episodes of America's favorite space family.

Disk Count: 3 
Original Language: English 
Additional Language(s) : French, Spanish 
Subtitles Available : English, French, Spanish 

Audio/Video Features: 
Full Frame 

Audio/Video Features English Dubbed: 

Product Features: 
Box Set

Ray Dutczak Comment

On July 19th 2005 the final installment of Lost in Space on dvd hit shelves all over the USA. Season 3V2 ends the two year quest of completing the series. The sound quality on this set is very good as is the picture quality. A few glitches here and there but nothing you can't live with. As far as bonus material contained in this set is a blooper taken from the Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen which is hilarious. Also the long lost " Target Earth" back in a moment" commercial pause that fans have waited for. Also, two exclusive interviews with Jonathan Harris and Bill Mumy that were made back in 1995. All of this for under $25.00 bucks.

My only disapointment with the set is that I wish Mark Goddard would have gotten his own dvd sleeve cover instead of the Junkman. Also, I think a better photo of Angela Cartwright could have been used instead of the Princess one. Other then that I am so happy to finally have the whole series on dvd. Something that we can all enjoy for many years to come! 

Ray Dutczak
July 23, 2005.

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