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Lost in Space - The Movie - Angela's Thoughts

Angela looks at a new Penny

I thought if the story they had written didn't include the original cast of the show, I would still want to have a snippet in the movie "Lost In Space." I did it for the fans of the original show. I thought they would really enjoy seeing us, even if it was in a cameo.

So I passed the baton to the new 'Penny" Lacey Chabert, it was her role now. She should have the freedom to interpret her 'Penny' as she saw fit. But a funny thing has happened... the baton has bounced back to me. The original fans of the show are a faithful bunch and I'm grateful for that. 

Marta and I got a trip to London, England for filming and we had a blast. The whole experience was a fun one. But deep down I am relieved I have not been replaced as Penny Robinson, she's a character close to my heart. 


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