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Lost in Space - The Movie - Mark's Thoughts

Major West gets promoted to General

When New Line Cinema called to ask me to be in the movie version of " Lost in Space" I quickly said "yes." Forget the role, the money and the inconvenience of not working as a teacher. I felt the core LIS fan would want to see the action from the series in a movie. 

The role turned out nicely; the money was short but the travel was long ( my wife and son accompanied me to England) and I played hooky from school without any problems. It was a good decision because I got to work with one of the finest actors to ever grace the screen - William Hurt. I have never met or have worked with a person for whom I have a greater respect. 

But the situation I want to share with you concerns another fine actor - Matt Le Blanc. My main scene in the movie was with those actors. I admit to having some trouble with the dialogue and when I wasn't getting it the way it should have been, I could feel Matt pulling for me with each syllable. He was wonderful and very supportive. Let me say with all sincerity that Matt Le Blanc was the perfect choice for Don West. In fact most fans of the classic series agree with me. Now lets see if I can make Don West ( a much older one) live again to the satisfaction of all the fans of Lost in Space.

- Mark Goddard

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