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Second Season Episodes - Space Circus (episode 34)

Will nearly runs away with an intergalactic circus. 

While hunting cobalt magnesium for their plant purifier, the Jupiter 2 crew encounter a monster and its master, intergalactic circus pitchman Marvello. The circus uses Will as a subject in an act. During the performance it becomes apparent that Will possesses extra- sensory perception, and Marvello, jumping at the chance to bolster his meager troupe, tries to persuade Will to join the circus. Will refuses, but Dr .Smith sings "Tiptoe Through The Tulips."

Marvello passes on Smith, but offers him the opportunity to accompany them to Earth as Will's manager. Excited by the opportunity, Smith changes the settings on the purifier that John and Don have nearly repaired. Smith coaxes the boy into leaving by assuring him their will be more food for his family with the pair headed for Earth. The next day the boy walks with Smith to Marvello's spaceship, but John and Don, realizing that the purifier has been tampered with, use the Robot to lead them to the doctor.

Marvello sends the monster after them and Will, trying to save his family, says he will go with the circus if Marvello calls off the monster. Marvello complies but feels he cannot take Will since his heart will really not be in his work. So he and his circus blast off, leaving behind a lifetime pass for Will. As a punishment, Smith must listen to the Robot's atonal rendition of "Tiptoe Through The Tulips." 

Ray says: A nice family episode about an intergalactic circus that wishes to add Will to their band of travelers. The monster fight scene between John and the monster is a definite goodie.


Professor John RobinsonGuy Williams
Maureen RobinsonJune Lockhart
Major Don WestMark Goddard
Judy RobinsonMarta Kristen
Penny RobinsonAngela Cartwright
Will RobinsonBilly Mumy
Dr. Zachary SmithJonathan Harris
RobotBob May
Voice of the RobotDick Tufeld
Executive ProducerIrwin Allen
WriterBob & Wanda Duncan
Guest Cast
Dr MarvelloJames Westerfield
FenestraMelinda Fee
VichoHarry Varteresian
NubuMichael Green
The MonsterDawson Palmer
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