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The Relucatant Stowaway vs No Place To Hide

We recently had a discussion on the LIS Memories Yahoo forum about which episode members like better: " The Reluctant Stowaway" or the unaired pilot " No Place To Hide". Here is what some of our forum members said:

I like them both for what they are. 

The pilot was never really intended for mass consumption. It was a prototype designed to demonstrate some larger ideas, all within time and budget constraints. 

Stowaway and the first few eps were cobbled together from the pilot, which was a good money saving idea, but it hampered the overall finished product as they were bound by the fixed events of the pilot. Still, they did a fine job working within those constraints. 

Of course, I'm one of the heretics that thinks LIS could have been successful if it had gone in another, Smith-less, direction. Either way would have worked, and naturally, it couldn't be both ways. I think we're all pretty pleased with the way it turned out, but I'll always wonder about what might have been. Cal from Virginia. 

Chuck said: even though TDTESS music is a classic, the familiar LIS theme music was a bit better.The addition of the Robot was a great idea, and adding Smith worked well and could have been so much better if they had stayed with the original concept, but why beat a dead horse again. Adding a second deck even tho it really doesn't fit was another good thing. I think they took it was to far with the pod, they could have explained that better. 

With the addition of color and lighter stories it just lost its Twilight Zone feel, I never thought that was a good thing. 

Reluctant Stowaway is much better to me. Stowaway has a conherent plot, a great performance by Jonathan in full evil Smith mode and the action is a lot more exciting when there are breaks in the effects for story. The unaired pilot had barely a notion of a story and a ton of effects. And as great as the effects are, they are a lot more effective spread out over 5 episodes. 


Many thanks to all the LIS Memories members who contributed to this discussion.


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