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Props : Space Pod

After two seasons of LIS in the books, and a third season in the works, the Brain Trust and Irwin Allen Productions decided that the third season of LIS would need a new vehicle. Much like Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, with the introduction of the flying Sub, Irwin introduced the Space Pod.

The Space Pod would be able to take members of the Robinson family places they couldn't go with the Jupiter 2. While the J2 was parked in orbit, they could use the pod to explore the planets below. The first episode which introduced the Space Pod was "Kidnapped In Space", with Jonathan Harris at the helm.

A two-foot diameter J2 was created to perform the lowering and recovery of the Space Pod miniature. For scenes that featured an actor inside the pod, a crane was used to lower the full sized pod onto the planet.

We see a nice shot of this in the episode "Space Primevals". In this episode, you see Guy Williams exiting the pod. An interesting note about the space pod if you look closely, the serial number is 277 2211 IA - the actual phone number for 20-Century Fox Studios. The "IA" stands for Irwin Allen.

Original panel components from the pod, signed by Mark Goddard

Mark Goddard:

The Space Pod that we used for filming interior shots, was tucked away in the corner of one of our sound stages.

The pod had controls, lights, and a few panels, and the outside of it was made out of wood.

We would go to the inside of this wooden shell to film all of the interior shots.

You can see Mark in the Space Pod in the following episodes: "Space Creature", "Flaming Planet", "Collision of Planets", and "Junkyard in Space."

Bob May:

I remember in the episode "Junkyard In Space", we filmed a scene in the pod where I had to go down to the "junk planet".

I flew the pod wearing a white sheet and a feather. This was a very amusing scene.

You can see the Robot, Bob May, in the pod in the following episodes: "Hunter's Moon", "Flight Into the Future", "Junkyard In Space", "Kidnapped In Space."

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