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A Special Introduction from Bill Mumy

I've been very fortunate to have played many different interesting characters on television and feature films over the past forty years. Some, like "Anthony Fremont" from the Twilight Zone, and "Lennier" from Babylon 5, for one reason or another seem to have made lasting impressions with audiences around the world.

However, the single most memorable character I have ever been associated with is "Will Robinson" from Lost in Space.

Regardless of what I create or do, I realize that to most the world, I will always be "the red haired kid from Lost in Space". And, that is something that I have peace with, and have come to embrace.

I loved every day I spent at 20th Century Fox studios working on Lost in Space. I could go on and on about my experiences there and fill volumes of text with my memories of those years.

Another time, perhaps.

For now, I wish only to acknowledge the positive time I had working with so many wonderful talented people, cast and crew, on a project that was truly a fun adventure for me in countless ways.

To this day, I'm still very close with my Lost in Space family! The one of a kind, unique and fabulous Jonathan Harris and I have worked together several times in the past year, doing voice over characters for Walt Disney Studios, as well as having had the supreme fun of redonning our "Dr. Smith" and "Will Robinson" roles alongside the always positive Bob May and Dick Tufeld as "The Robot" for the "Lost in Space Forever" special. Jonathan and I have the same agent, and we see each other often.

I recently spent a wonderful night laughing and sharing memories at the ever lovely Marta Kristen's home. And Mark Goddard, (who never ages a day!) and I spoke on the phone less than a week ago.

June Lockhart has been known to pop up at my rock n roll gigs from time to time, and is always sweet to me.

Angela Cartwright and I have worked together for almost a year now writing a fantasy novel. Ange also took all the photographs for my recent "In The Current" solo CD, and will be shooting the next one, too. I'm quite excited about our novel, and hope you'll check it out when its released in the coming year.

What can I say about "Will"? He was great, and I loved him. Who wouldn't have enjoyed having the opportunity to portray such a character? He was a genius, inquisitive, bold, respectful, honest, funny, fearless, loyal, musical, and... he figured out how to save everybody most the time!

I would happily return to that character, alongside my wonderful lifelong friends, anytime I could. And that's the biggest compliment I can pay "him" or them.

Thanks to fans like Ray for keeping the faith. And thanks to the late Irwin Allen for assembling such a fine group of people to portray such an interesting group of characters, way back in the winter of 1964.

I sincerely doubt there's anyone in the world who loves that old campy television show, and the memories that accompany it, more than I do.

Bill Mumy
November 26, 1999

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