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A Special Introduction from June Lockhart

Dear Ray:

Congratulations on your are such a devoted fan of "Lost In Space" and it's always a delight to see you at the conventions while I'm selling pictures, books and Jupiter II bracelets.

As we start the 2000's I am aware that we have, since the 1960's, come through a period from Science Fiction to Science Fact.

Then, in "Lost In Space", we had laser guns. Now, we have laser surgery.

Then, we had hand held communicators that snapped shut. Now, we have flip phones.

Then, we wore silver asbestos race car driver's suits. Now, asbestos is outlawed and models on runways show designer lines of silver jackets, pants and skirts.

Then, we had a small weather station. Now, we have weather satellites that help us predict hurricanes, droughts, floods, and snow storms.

Then, I pressed a button and dinner came out on a conveyer belt. Now, we go to a drive-in, press a button, speak into a mike, drive around the building and pick up our dinner.

Then we had a space chariot. Now we have SUV's and a mini chariot, The Rover, on Mars.

Then, hydroponic gardens. Now, hydroponic gardens which NASA will use to grow wheat and vegetables on the International Space Station.

Then, for laundry we had a piece of push button equipment which washed, dryed and plastic wrapped the clothes. Now, well.... fluff n' dry - still no plastic.

Then, we had a close knit television family. Now, we find the Robinson family cast appearing and sharing that grand experience with affectionate memories.

Then, we were lucky to be part of such a provocative, hot series ... the first space series. Now, we were lucky to be part of such a provocative, hot series, and we have lived to see much of that Science Fiction become Science Fact.

Ray, you are a neat guy and your enthusiastic support and friendship has always been appreciated and I wish you every success. Bravo!

December 1999

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