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A Special Introduction from Jonathan Harris

Dear Friends and Fans of Lost In Space:

I was delighted when my good friend Raymond Dutczak, who is a prime devotee of the classic series, asked me to write this introduction to this web site.

Lost In Space is one of the highlights of my career. Creating and performing Dr. Smith was an actor's dream. I am an avid believer in the art of "comedic villainy," and I carefully explored all the facets of Smith's character. I made him selfish, devilish, cowardly and, at the risk of seeming immodest, delightful. The trick is to redeem yourself after doing something quite wicked - the goal is that the audience sees him as a bad person who is lovable as well. The answer - "comedy." Very tricky, and marvelous when it works.

Lost In Space is very close to my heart, and it has created a bond between me, and the supporters, and fans of the classic series. Now you can exchange "points of view," "comments," "information," "questions," etc., on this Lost In Space web site, thanks to Raymond Dutczak.

I want to thank all the fans, whose support these many years has brightened my life and warmed my heart. This web site is "there" for you, and I hope you will use it and enjoy it.

Your Friend,

October 1999

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