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A Message from Bob May - 5/28/04

Hello Lost and Space fans, and members of the Irwin Allen Fan Club.

It's been a great year, and we are just getting started. This past February, we started by having fun at the Gallifrey Convention in Los Angeles. The Galafrey Convention is the largest Dr. Who Convention in the world.

Then off we went to Megacon Convention in Orlando, Florida, which had 20,000 attendees. I had the honor of meeting Simon's grandma, which was very nice.

Simon, Frank, and I went out for dinner at a restaurant called Lobster Feast. I had 15 lobsters on Saturday night! Also, on Saturday night Ray Dutczak and I went to Universal Studios, where they had a special screening of War Of the Robots. It was really something seeing that episode on the big screen.

At Megacon, the rest of the Lost In Space cast was there also. Had a blast as always with Mark Goddard. Had a special evening, which was a treat, with June Lockhart. We had cocktails in the lounge, and reminisced about old times. June is a real darling, and I always enjoy seeing her at these various conventions.

Ray and I had many laughs at Megacon, and I do mean many.

The next convention I attended was the Showstopper Convention for Mickey Sinardi. He was wonderful to me.

After the Showstoppers Convention, I went to DragonFest, which is a kung fu convention. I got to see a lot of people in pajamas there!

After Dragon Fest, we were off to VisionCon, in Springfield, Missouri. Had a great time there with Eugene Rodenberry.

While in Springfield, Missouri, the organizer took me tio a place called Bass Pro Shop. The place was so big, that I felt as though I was camping inside the store.

Then, this past weekend, I attended WonderFest, in Louisville, Kentucky. All the organizers greeted me at the airport. We went to the hotel to check in, and then. Judy and I were taken to an old-fashioned diner called Steaks and Shakes. It reminded me of the fifties.

On Friday, Judy and I were taken over to the Kentucky Derby Museum, and then to Church Hill Downs grounds, where Judy and I were treated to a Mint Julep. Then the races were going to start, so I bet and won.

After a long day, we went back to the hotel to setup for a convention. As I was setting up, I was asked to do a video interview. afterwards, I waited for Ray Dutczak to arrive. We went up and had a drink, where we talked about Ray's new baby girl.

Saturday morning, Ray and I had breakfast together. Afterwards, we went into the convention room, where I did the weather and TV spots from 7:30 am - 9:00 am.

My wife Judy, then joined us in the convention room, and finished setting up the tables. Doors opened at 10:00 am, to where the fans began to come in. Quickly, it got very crowded. Marta Kristen, had the table next to me, and she looked lovely as always.

Saturday night, we had dinner with a bunch of friends. On Sunday morning, when the convention opened, the representative from 20th Century Fox Japan, came by to visit my table. He was a very nice man.

At 3:30 in the afternoon, we said good-bye to Ray, who had to head home. Sunday night, I attended a banquet, to which the organizers gifted Marta, myself, and the cast from the Creature From the Black Lagoon, with beautiful crystal gifts.

Dave Hodge was the MC. Leaving Louisville, Judy and I remarked to each other, that we finally found out what southern hospitality was all about.

On May 19, I went down to the Hollywood Heritage Museum, to honor a great designer and wonderful human being, Robert Kinoshita. It was a great event. They had a B9 and Robby the Robot displayed.

Mike Clark MC'd to a marvelous group of people who came to honor Kinoshita.

I am now ordering pictures and getting ready for future conventions. The list of conventions are posted here and on LIS Memories.

Now in closing may I say this, I have had so much fun seeing many of you at the conventions.

Also, make it point to make it to the next convention that I will be appearing at.

Your Robot always,

Bob May.

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