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Bob May visit to NYC


Bob and Judy May Visit NYC

This past October, Bob May made his first Visit at The Chiller Theatre Expo in Secaucus, NJ Joining Bob for the convention was his lovely wife Judy, who visited New Jersey for the first time.

After talking in length with Bob and Judy, we decided to take a day and visit New York City since Bob hadn't been there in over 20 years. Since the Chiller Convention did not start until 6pm Friday night, we spent the morning and afternoon in NYC.

On Friday morning we met in the Sheraton's lobby, and we decided that the best way to NYC was by NJ transit, since it was only 20 minutes away. As our bus headed towards NYC, I pointed out the Empire State Building and other New York monuments. Judy was very happy to finally see the Empire State building, after having seen it on TV for many years. As the bus made it's way into NYC, our final stop was The Port Authority, which was located in Times Square.

As we stepped out of Port Authority, Bob hailed the cab in a typical New York Style, with a hand and a whistle. We took a cab to RockerFeller Center, and from there we walked to Radio City Music Hall, Saint Patrick's Cathedral, and all the other historical sites in that area. The cab dropped us at Rockerfeller Center, and we looked at all the people who where ice-skating. I showed Bob and Judy where the historical Christmas tree always stands for the holiday season. We took some photos, and then proceeded to make our way up towards Saint Patrick's Cathedral. We entered Saint Patrick's Cathedral, and we looked at all the statues of the saints and all the gorgeous religious painting.

Since Bob's parents were strict Catholics, he takes religion very seriously. Bob even managed to get us a tour behind the altar, where few people are able to go. We spent an hour and half here, before we left to see the Winter Garden Theatre. Bob performed at the Theatre for many years. I explained to Bob that since Cats closed and renovations were going on, there wouldn't be much there. We caught a cab anyway and proceeded to the Theatre.

When we arrived there, we saw that renovations were going on, but Bob wanted to take a look anyway. 2 construction workers, who said that no one was allowed in because of the renovations, stopped us. However, that did not stop Bob. He asked one of the workers if he could speak to his supervisor about going inside. The worker called the supervisor, and the supervisor did allow us to go in for a few minutes.

As we entered, Bob was very thrilled and he began to tell stories about when he performed with Olsen and Johnson many years ago.

We left the Theatre , and had lunch next door at the Galaxy Restaurant. This restaurant had a fifties type theme. They even had a train that circled on a track above you as you dined. After eating lunch, and having some nice conversation, we took a cab up to Times Square to see the historical sites and to view where the New Years Ball drops.

We did a little shopping. Time ticked away, and we headed back to the Port Authority to catch a bus back to the convention at the Sheraton, in New Jersey.

On the ride back, we talked about the fun time we had NYC. Bob and Judy would definitely like to visit NYC again.

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