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Bob May returns to the Robot


Probably my biggest thrill this past weekend along with a great convention was having Bob and Judy May visit my home. On Friday Bob, Judy and, Simon came to my house to visit my B9. The plan was for Bob to autograph my B9 while Simon took photos, and we were going to leave for Chiller. Instead, Bob instructed me to remove the bubble on my B9.. He then wanted the torso removed. Since Bob had been in my Robot before for public appearances, I figured he wanted to explain a few things on the inside of the Robot.

As we removed the torso he began to show us how he got into the Robot on the show. That's when it hit me - Bob May was getting into my Robot! He then instructed us to put the torso back on which we did and also the bubble.

When Bob began to move the arms, the Robot had come to life! I couldn't believe it! Simon then shot an amazing collection of photos with Silvia, Judy, and myself with Bob as the Robot, and video of Bob explaining various aspects of the Robot! Truly amazing. Something I will never forget!

Oh yeah, Bob did eventually autograph my robot....

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