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A Message from Mark Goddard - 10/10/04

A special Hi to all LIS fans. Here I am once again, at my good friend, Ray's home, in Yonkers NY. I drove down from Mass. to have the honor of being the Godfather to Ray and Silvia's daughter, Rachel.

She is a beauty, and I am looking forward to her Christening today. She is so little and cute, that you can't help but want to hug and kiss her. Kind of reminds me of me on LIS - yeah-.

Anyway I got my share of hugs from fans at Dragon Con at Atlanta, GA over the Labor Day weekend. I* was joined by June and Marta for 4 days of convention activities. June looked as beautiful as ever, and Marta, well Marta is Marta. It's hard to beat her in the looks department. We shared alot of laughs, and as usual the fans seemed to enjoy the time they spent with us during our signing of autographs with them. I don't think anyone (maybe one or two) have ever left the table without being completely satisfied with the moment they spent with a cast member.

The same, I understand, can be said with all Irwin Allen show cast members. My personal philosophy has always been the person who approaches my table, whether or not they purchase an autograph, is to be treated like a guest in my home. It is my pleasure and responsibility to be a gracious host. Much like Ray D. when I visit him and Silvia.

Ray couldn't wait to show me the new second season LIS dvds. The packaging is first rate, and I was truly amazed at the color quality of the episodes that we watched. Ray put on the episode, "Wild Adventure", and it was as if I had never really viewed it before. The clarity, because of digital re mastering was absolutely sensational. I never looked better, and in some shots, I was a pretty as Marta. Seriously, you are going to love the second season dvds of the show.

I want you all to know how appreciative we all are of your support and generosity. That generosity of spirit and not greenbacks. I think you all know that cast members of LIS don't participate in a percentage of dvds that are sold, and have yet to receive one penny of sales from the dvds. I just want you to enjoy the show, some of which are my favorites. "A Visit to Hades" is in the set, and it really is a lot of fun. I haven't seen that show for about 30 years and my appreciation for the talents of Jonathan Harris have reached a new high. I am much more objective now, than I was in my relative youth. What I thought was silly years ago, is clever and funny today and tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow is in the future (How can they be of the past, will bring me to Los Angeles Oct 2&3, at the Ray Courts Collectible Show in Burbank California. Also, I am looking forward to (with new pictures) Chiller Convention in New Jersey on October 29-31st. And also to Mid Ohio Comic CON over Thanksgiving weekend November 27 - 28th.

In closing, it has been fun in sharing some thoughts with you, and it will be my pleasure to comment on the 3rd Season dvds in the future, here at Ray's website.

To be continued, same time, same computer. God bless and be Well!

Your Friend,

Mark Goddard aka Don West.

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