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Mark's Amazing Doppelganger Story

I was at Nantasket Beach up in Massachusetts with my kids - this is more than twenty five years ago when they still had an amusement park.

The kids were on a ride, and I was waiting for them. I noticed a guy sitting at one of the beer stands who kept looking at me, then would turn back to his beer. I guess he recognized me from the show, but he wasn't sure.

He kept on looking at me. He'd had a few too many beers, I could see that. Finally, he got up and staggered over to me. "Hey Mister, I have got to tell you - you look just like that guy on the Lost in Space TV show. You've got the same hair, and the same features, and the same height as he has. It's unbelievable!"

He walked away, then came back and said, "I can't get over it. You look just like him! You know the National Enquirer? They have this contest. They pay fifty dollars for celebrity look-alikes. If I had a camera, Id take a picture of you. Id send that in and we'd win that fifty dollars!"

He continued, "We'd win the prize because you look just like this guy. Oh, and I'd split it with you, too. " Then he went back to the beer stand. He looked again, and then hurried over. "Anyway, my name's Joey, and you really do look that guy. "

He put his hand out and I shook his hand. Joey asked, "What's your name?"

I said, "My name is Mark Goddard."

Joey looked stunned and then said, "Oh my God! You've even got the same name as that guy!".

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Mark's Amazing Doppelganger Story

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